Cleveland is the major city in Ohio and offers some of the world-class attractions. Cleveland offers many exciting things to do for both the locals and the visitors. Whether you are a sports lover or a nature lover, Cleveland has everything for everyone. Cleveland is full of many exciting attractions and that can be tough sometimes to which ones to visit first or are the most fun to visit. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Cleveland that every age of person can visit and have a good time:

1- Little Italy:

Little Italy is one of the most fun and different places to visit in Cleveland. Here you will find many old-school Italian cafes, bakeries, and pizzerias. There are also live music events, shopping areas, and modern cuisine restaurants. The immigrants from Italy’s Abruzzi region established this place in Cleveland in the 19th century. In Little Italy, you can also see the singers performing operas and enjoy outdoor dining as well. This place never disappoints anyone.

2- Cleveland Museum of Art:

The Cleveland Museum of Art attracts over half a million visitors every year. You can find the artwork of some of the world’s renowned famous artists including Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. It displays the collection of American, Asian, and European art and has over 61,000 pieces of artwork that are 6000 years old. The Cleveland Museum of Art hosts special events too.

3- West Side Market:

Westside is the oldest public market in Cleveland. A lot of visitors come here and shop from the local vendors. More than 100 vendors sell their products here. You can find a variety of cheese, dairy, vegetables, fruits, seafood, and meat vendors here. It’s a fun place to stroll and see the market of a variety of products and foods. You can also buy ready-to-eat foods. This place is a must-visit for all the foodies out there.

4- Lake View Cemetery:

You won’t realize how much fun and interesting touring a cemetery can be until you do this. This cemetery was founded in 1869 and has an architect resembling Victorian England and France. The cemetery contains more than 100,000 graves and can also find many monuments and statues. The cemetery has so much history and the view from the downtown lake is amazing. Lake view cemetery is colorful in every season of the year and stretches over 285 acres of land.

5- Edgewater Park:

Edgewater Park has some of the most exciting water sports activities. It’s a big park, perfect for a picnic or relaxing. There are also beaches, fishing piers, and pavilions. It’s an ideal place to visit in the summers. The views are gorgeous and you can enjoy live music there. You don’t need to worry about food as there are many bars and restaurants there. Edgewater Park is the best place to go with your family and kids.